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Bill Hubard Blog

Chief economist for FX trading platform previews the week’s markets and Bitcoin’s new boom

PMI & Ifo more important than FOMC to move the Eurozone markets this week with EUR/USD at its strongest level in 23 months. Watch for company reports to swing stocks & OPEC’s output decisions

The effects of the Yellen, Poloz, Brainard hat trick of policy & comments. These are the people who direct economics & ultimately, the Forex market

Watch CAD as BoC likely to raise interest rate; Yellen reveals the FED’s monetary policy report; US & China publish important economy figures

Gold & JPY effected heavily by North Korea missile launch and Treasury yields while USD is still holding below near term resistance against EUR, GBP and even AUD. Are soft commodities the answer?

Markets effected by fundamental data from US employment, FOMC, ECB, Poland’s national bank & sovereign rating reviews for Hungary & Poland

Trading strategies report short in USD/CAD, longs in EUR/GBP, buy on GBP/JPY, & watch levels on FTSE100: Bullish 7350, Bearish 7320.

Oil prices are reflected in currencies whilst USD & GBP are reacting to economic data, interest rates and government shuffles


Focus on the FED interest rate hike plus Bill Hubard’s special report on the effects of the UK job markets

Round-up of US and European markets with exclusive report on GBP and Brexit 'schedule'

US Government less Negative but ‘clear slowdown in consumer spending and a run down in inventories’ is disappointing.

Bill Hubard, Chief Economist for, shares information and market analysis on today’s financial opportunities.

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Equity, stocks, bonds all positive in 2017 but signs of stress starting to appear with 9% year-loss on USD. Market now looks to New Year with hawkish FED under Powell, and possible inflation shock in U.S.


Chief economist for FX trading platform previews the week’s markets and Bitcoin’s new boom

Do institutional and large-scale retail investors consider Bitcoin as a safe-haven asset and a store of value?

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