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What is an ETF?

TRADE.com is glad to give you the option to trade leveraged Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs). This unique opportunity is now available with all the advanced features and tools that can be accessed via our trading platform, available via web, mobile and tablet (iOS and Android).

In a nutshell, an exchange-traded fund (ETF) is a basket of securities that can be bought or sold via brokerage firms on stock exchanges. ETFs are offered on virtually every conceivable asset class from traditional investments to so-called alternative assets like commodities or currencies.

Popular ETFs include financial market ETFs, commodity ETFs (for example - gold), sector/industry ETFs and more. The number of shares outstanding of an ETF can change on multiple times during the trading hours, making it a popular investment channel amongst all around the world.

TRADE.com simplifies the entire process and offers leveraged ETF trading in a simplified manner via a user-friendly and intuitive online platform.

Key Information Document - CFDs on ETFs.pdf

TRADE.com Trading Conditions: ETFs

  • Trade via web, mobile and tablet
  • Advanced risk management
  • Innovative analysis tools
  • New trading features
  • 24/5 customer support

* Leverage is adjusted according to the Company's Leverage Policy
T&Cs apply for adjustable leverage
Due to technical variations, the pricing for this CFD may differ from the trading platform price.

Take Leveraged Trading
To The Next Level

You now have the option to take leveraged ETF trading to the next level. The new instruments are Commodities and Stock Indexes based, giving you the unique opportunity to unlock leverages that are 3 times higher than the corresponding underlying assets.

For example, you can trade the VelocityShares 3X Long Crude Oil ETN with a leverage of 1:15, 50% more than the regular Oil instrument (1:10).

Trading Conditions

InstrumentSpreads (as low as)Leverage (up to)Trading hours
ACWI0.20 (USD)1:33Tuesday 13:31-19:59
AGQ0.08 (USD)1:1Tuesday 13:31-19:59
ChinaCSI3000.10 (HKD)1:20Monday 01:35-03:55, Monday 05:05-07:55, Wednesday 01:35-03:55, Wednesday 05:05-07:55, Thursday 01:35-03:55, Thursday 05:05-07:55, Friday 01:35-03:55, Friday 05:05-07:55
DBC0.03 (USD)1:33Tuesday 13:31-19:59
DGAZ0.15 (USD)1:1Tuesday 13:31-19:59
DGLD0.11 (USD)1:1Tuesday 13:31-19:59
DIA0.60 (USD)1:33Tuesday 13:31-19:59
DSLV0.18 (USD)1:1Tuesday 13:31-19:59
DWT0.10 (USD)1:5Tuesday 13:31-19:59
EWT0.06 (USD)1:33Tuesday 13:31-19:59
EWY0.25 (USD)1:33Tuesday 13:31-19:59
FAS0.36 (USD)1:33Tuesday 13:31-19:59
FAZ0.18 (USD)1:1Tuesday 13:31-19:59
FXE0.20 (USD)1:1Tuesday 13:31-19:59
IWM0.35 (USD)1:5Tuesday 13:31-19:59
IWO0.50 (USD)1:5Tuesday 13:31-19:59
LIT0.10 (USD)1:33Tuesday 13:31-19:59
MDY0.90 (USD)1:33Tuesday 13:31-19:59
MSCIMexico0.20 (USD)1:10Tuesday 13:31-20:00
QID0.06 (USD)1:5Tuesday 13:31-19:59
QLD0.25 (USD)1:33Tuesday 13:31-19:59
SDOW0.07 (USD)1:1Tuesday 13:31-19:59
SDS0.04 (USD)1:5Tuesday 13:31-19:59
SFYAX0.20 (AUD)1:1Tuesday 00:05-05:55
SLV0.03 (USD)1:50Tuesday 13:31-19:59
SPXU0.12 (USD)1:5Tuesday 13:31-19:59
SPY0.40 (USD)1:100Tuesday 13:31-19:59
SQQQ0.40 (USD)1:5Tuesday 13:31-19:59
SRTY0.12 (USD)1:1Tuesday 13:31-19:59
SSO0.20 (USD)1:33Tuesday 13:31-19:59
TBT0.07 (USD)1:33Tuesday 13:31-19:59
TQQQ0.85 (USD)1:5Tuesday 13:31-19:59
TWM0.07 (USD)1:5Tuesday 13:31-19:59
TZA0.15 (USD)1:5Tuesday 13:31-19:59
UDOW0.13 (USD)1:1Tuesday 13:31-19:59
UGAZ0.95 (USD)1:5Tuesday 13:31-19:59
UGLD0.18 (USD)1:1Tuesday 13:31-19:59
UPRO0.80 (USD)1:5Tuesday 13:31-19:59
URTY0.95 (USD)1:5Tuesday 13:31-19:59
USLV0.36 (USD)1:1Tuesday 13:31-19:59
USO0.02 (USD)1:100Tuesday 13:31-19:59
UWT0.75 (USD)1:5Tuesday 13:31-19:59
VTI0.35 (USD)1:33Tuesday 13:31-19:59
XLB0.20 (USD)1:33Tuesday 13:31-19:59
XLE0.35 (USD)1:33Tuesday 13:31-19:59
XLF0.10 (USD)1:33Tuesday 13:31-19:59
XLI0.20 (USD)1:33Tuesday 13:31-19:59
XLK0.15 (USD)1:33Tuesday 13:31-19:59
XLP0.20 (USD)1:33Tuesday 13:31-19:59
XLU0.15 (USD)1:33Tuesday 13:31-19:59
XLV0.20 (USD)1:33Tuesday 13:31-19:59
XLY0.25 (USD)1:33Tuesday 13:31-19:59


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