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TRADE.com Loyalty Rebate Program

TRADE.com Loyalty Rebate Program

TRADE.com Loyalty Rebate Program

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Loyalty Rebate Program

The TRADE.com Loyalty Rebate Program is a plan that rewards clients for the way they trade and for how long they stay with TRADE.com. Based on seniority and spreads, clients see cash in their account every week. The fully automated process linked to the robust and dependable CRM system, gives clients the assurance of accurate statements and precise payments.

How it works

All clients with a TRADE.com account, are entitled to be a member of the valuable Loyalty Rebate Program, regardless of account size. The core of the plan lies in how long the client has been with TRADE.com and how much spread is generated each week. Each client is allocated a percentage based on account duration, from the date of the first deposit to the current day. Through an algorithm set to deploy across a client’s positions, a calculation is made every week that accumulates the weekly spread and gives a percentage back as cash into the account. This process occurs on a weekly basis and clients receive an email statement after the funds are allocated, or notice of no rebate, if the account has been inactive.

Percentages of rebate allocated based on seniority:

Seniority Rebate
1-3 months 5% rebate
3-6 months 10% rebate
6-18 months 15% rebate
18+ months 20% rebate

The reward

Every client who has ever made a deposit of funds, qualifies for the cash rebate, and as their loyalty continues, so the percentage rises. Simultaneously, as the spread amount increases, so too does the rebate allocation. Trading activity on all 2,100 assets on the WebTrader platform goes towards the final accumulation of spreads, irrelevant of the trader’s success. In this way, TRADE.com clients are rewarded for every position they take on WebTrader.

Benefits of the Loyalty Rebate Program:

  • Cash awarded to accounts every week
  • Based on seniority and spread amount
  • Increase in spread provides more rebate allocation
  • More seniority, higher the percentage
  • Fully automated system to calculate percentages
  • Accurate payments
  • Regular weekly statements
  • Cryptocurrencies are excluded

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