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Secure and flexible online trading with over 2,100 instruments

Available on WebTrader only through TRADE.com

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Trading with WebTrader

As a fully functional programme developed by experts in the field, every nuance of trading was taken into account to provide a more comprehensive experience with powerful tools and ease of use being at the core of this superior platform.

With cutting-edge tools and features, intuitive controls, and round the clock access to the global markets, the WebTrader is TRADE.com’s premium branded platform.

Trading on the Go

TRADE.com WebTrader is fully supported by Android and iOS mobile devices. Developed as a web based application and accessible through mobile devices, this is the platform of choice for traders on the move who need security and mobility.

Benefits of WebTrader

  • Over 2,100 instruments available
  • Easy to use interface for faster execution
  • Simple navigation
  • Convenient access
  • Trading cubes
  • Advanced charting & indicators
  • Up-to-date news ticker
  • Trading on the go
  • Invaluable access to on line help from account management experts 24/5

Simple Navigation

Traders can find over 2,000 instruments instantaneously by using either the simple search tool or browsing the category list of world class assets. Viewing real-time prices, analyzing the asset’s chart or placing trades immediately gives an enhanced trading advantage to WebTrader users.


Trading Cubes

Trading cubes streamline the trading process by allowing a view of multiple instruments and the provision to determine their prices and movement in a simple layout.

Advanced Charting & Indicators

Professional-grade charting tools and a long list of indicators provide essential information on market trends and allow traders to analyze a given asset’s volatility and direction. Browsing an asset’s movements or studying its history in depth gives information and advantage in the world of trading.


Up-to-Date News Ticker

Frequent updates keep traders informed about global events and market-influencing news. Trade the moment that major events occur and benefit from market volatility as it unfolds.



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